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Savvis, Inc

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Savvis Symphony OpenSavvis Symphony Open is built on a massively scalable, multi-tenant infrastructure and delivers a secure, enterprise-class cloud environment with built-in high availability and automated resource balancing. Savvis Open Cloud Compute offers a purchase-by-the-instance cost model with a scalable, agile infrastructure that you control through the SavvisStation Portal to add resources as you need for All
Savvis Symphony VPDCSavvis Symphony VPDC is an enterprise-grade Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) solution with multi-tiered security and Quality of Service (QoS) levels. Multiple quality of service tiers enable the automatic configuration of VPDCs with distinct service levels optimized for diverse environments - ranging from test and dev to mission critical. The infrastructure automatically configures virtual compute, network, storage and security resources based on a selected level of for All


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