Welcome to CloudServiceMarket.info


The prime objective of CloudServiceMarket is to compile a comprehensive directory of Cloud Computing services and providers to support companies in their search for optimal IT outsourcing solutions.

You have the option of searching the database systematically by means of predefined criteria. In this way, you can easily identify and compare the services that best suit your company’s needs. The website also serves as an exchange forum for users of Cloud Computing services.


Benefits for users of Cloud Computing services

  • You receive a reliable means of orientation on a rapidly changing and confusing market.
  • We make sure that you receive relevant and up-to-date information only.
  • By means of the search options you can save time and effort in identifying best-fit software solutions.
  • You can rate the quality of individual Cloud Computing services and profit from other users’ experiences.
  • You can keep track of trends and developments through the user forum and regular polls on current issues in Cloud Computing.

Benefits for vendors of Cloud Computing services

  • You get a chance to introduce your company and its services to potential customers.
  • You get a clearer picture of customer demands.
  • You learn more about the decisive factors that influence customers’ choice of service providers.
  • You learn more about how to increase customer satisfaction.

Project Flyer

You can download the CloudServiceMarket flyer by following this link or by clicking the image below.

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